Saturday, May 23, 2015

starting anew... maybe

I have had many intentions of posting on here. I have even started  a few post and had my computer freeze up on my and not save any of my work. it is alot of work to redo all of that. I want to get to all of my medical stuff but that can wait. I am hoping that maybe all of my crap can eventually help someone out some day... or maybe I will find more info on what is going on with me. maybe. but that can wait for now. I have alot to update on. so first I will start with what my iPhone said 2014 edition. Pictures are 10 times more fun to look at so here we go!

Koby! puppy sitting my sisters dog. we were holding him for ransom until they brought us a cookie. :)

Bryce was nominated for maintenance guy of the year. some fancy smancy award that we went to.

Nitro Circus. unfortunately I was upload phone pics, my computer glitched (I'm telling you I have issues with electronics) and it deleted 5 months of pictures. sad day. oh I cried over that. this is the only pic we have during that time period.

Geeta's bday! she came all the way in from Texas. we had to celebrate.

Bryce loving on baby Eli.

somehow I convinced him to paint my toes

About the only selfie you will see of me. I only take these for Bryce. I never show anyone either. (unless I am teasing my sister with some of her fav food or something) not sure what is going on with the boarder

camping with julian and gage. he looks seriously mean. he isn't. he has a soft heart, his wires are just crossed.

bees game!

bees games! totally rained us out bad. my cute nephew kaleb

another one from the bees game with my sister.

Had to get one with my dad too. My nephew kaleb pulls this same look my dad has.

my co worker had me do a lei and ship it to him. I think it turned out great! I am getting good at them!

TBT - all from high school.

Every time I go anywhere with my friend kerri we get down pored on. this was not an exception. we were trying to revamp my flower beds

2 more lei's for T's graduation

I cannot get enough pics of my dad. he looks great here! he was starting to finally feel better. we were at T's graduation

I had to get one with my 2 favorite men. also at T's graduation

TBT when my cousin was in town. I hadn't seen her in 15 years. This pics makes me smile.

another TBT... love messing with my sister!

My nephews came over to help me work on our deck. that was a huge mess! sorry for the stickers. I had to protect the young and innocent

Family pics with my family. hopefully i will get to posting those.

Camping. I was told never to post these to facebook. they never said anything about my blog.

Camping again. we were playing horseshoes

camping at soapstone basin on the 4th of July. worst camping experience ever!

Nothing like getting stuck in a ditch

My bday dinner. I wanted it low key. that is what I got.

My favorite place. Island park. cannot get enough of this place.

Island park again. those kids had way too much fun with the glow sticks in the hot tub.

west Yellowstone.

This girl melts my heart! I love her. I wish I could post a pic of her cute face, but again, I have to protect the young and innocent.

oh hell... that is all

My work is an amazing place to work. one of our own got leukemia just a few short months before he was to retire. His son even works for us. We did everything we could to raise money for him. I don't know what the total amount was but it was alot. Nearly all of our work shaved their head... and this girl... well she did too. sadly he lost his battle 5 months later. Breaks. my. heart. I still struggle with this. He was an amazing person who made our workplace a better place.

oh and the selfie to my sister I was talking about... see... she loves beans and brew...

Park city with the girls! we rent out a condo every so often and this time we made homemade fondu. turned out amazing! it was a night of great talk and laughs

My massage therapist busted up laughing one day in the middle of my massage. she couldn't help it and told me that my purse was making faces at her. I agree.

Our deck was finally refinished! ugh!

Cupcakes for a party bryce's sister was having for Halloween. I know, I have a sick twisted mind.

Her Halloween party. Bryce totally pulls off the greaser look.

Every year for Halloween i send an invite to all of my nieces and nephews for pizza and homemade root beer. I also do a whole big gift bag for all that come. this is what I did for the adults that come. it is a yearly tradition (although last years turned out soooooo much better!)

Halloween... right before trick and treating

did you hear I got my salon done? well here are my Christmas decor for it. my favorite piece is the star!

Thanksgiving. you would never know my dad wasn't feeling well... he took my phone from me after I took this pic so I couldn't post it 'on that facebook thingy'


The day after thanksgiving with Bryce's family... watching Christmas vacation

rzr riding in December!

I redid my snowman this year. he turned out way cute!

our Christmas tree

lighting of the candles that happens every year in December at my best friends. it is amazing to see all the candles


New years eve

New years eve

New years eve